Introducing Kashif and Sana

Kashif, his wife, Sana, and their daughter

We are both from Pakistan. Born in Christian families, we were very involved in our church’s youth ministry and choir. In Pakistan it was our routine to participate in every church activity, because we know how difficult it is for us to live without God. When we moved to the US in December 2019, we were worried about our Christian life. When you move to a place where you do not know anyone it’s scary. But we prayed a lot for ourselves and especially for our daughter, Joy.

In Pakistan we had an idea that people in America are far away from God and if you go to church you will only see old people, because the young generation do not come to church.
But when we came here and met Pastor Chris we felt that we had known each other for many years. He is our spiritual father, always helpful, and loves us as Christ loves us. So when pastor Chris told us about OVF, we were very excited. We thought, “Wow! How amazing it will be to pray in our own language in a place where other people will also listen to us pray and sing in our language.”

We really feel proud and thankful to God that we are a part of OVF. There is no distinction based on where you are from. People listen to our testimony, about how hard life is to be a Christian in Pakistan. So it feels that we are all the same here. As the Bible said, we should love each other as God loves us!