Introducing Clément Tendo

Clément Tendo

Clément Tendo

To me, One Voice Fellowship is “du-jamais-vu”—something I have not seen before. And yet I am extremely excited because of my interest in songs from different languages and genres and how they can be used in worship. I believe a Spirit-filled church is to reach out to all nations in their context with the uncompromised gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. One Voice represents what the church of Christ is called to be as it prepares for the marriage supper of the Lamb, where people from every tribe and tongue will worship our great God together (Revelation 19:6-10; 5:9-10).

I grew up in Bible-believing home, something that I only ascribe to the grace of God. Yet, as I look at my life, I would not say that this blessing spared me from temptation and sin. As I continue in the faith, I realize how many my sins are—but also how great and mighty my Savior Jesus Christ is. I thank God for each moment of success, anxiety, worry, doubt, and uncertainty I have had. They remind me that God must remain the light through which I see all lights (Psalm 36:9). When I struggle, my sources of comfort and refuge are seeking God through prayer, recalling the prayers He has answered, singing and making gospel music, and studying God’s word. In deep darkness I have come to see that there is no other hope for me beside daily and patiently trusting in God and not leaning on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).

During my studies at African Bible University of Uganda, I looked at the state of the church in Africa and realized that most pastors are passionate and zealous for the gospel, but have little training in how to rightly handle the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). I felt the need to share what I was studying with these ministers of the gospel so that knowledge and passion may work together for the advancement of the gospel. As one who is aware that God is still molding me day by day, my prayer is that God would make me an instrument in His hands and a daily beggar who shows other beggars where they can find the bread of life, through teaching, preaching, and singing as the Lord leads. My current studies at Westminster Theological Seminary are challenging but are shaping and sanctifying me in many ways. I am being equipped, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to work out my salvation with fear and trembling because of the work that God is daily doing in me (Philippians 2:12-13).

A local-church internship is required for my Master of Divinity degree, so I prayed that God would help me find a church to help me grow by applying what I am learning at Westminster. Thanks be to God for the loving and humble person of Pastor Chris, who called on me to come to be a part of One Voice Fellowship as a pastoral and worship intern, which I consider to be an answered prayer. I hope and pray that as we serve one another and come together in one voice to worship our God (Romans 15:5-7), we will continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) for the edification of one another, for our joy, and above all else, for the glory of God (Romans 11:36; 1 Corinthians 10:31).

Introducing Kashif & Sana

Introducing Kashif and Sana

Kashif, his wife, Sana, and their daughter

We are both from Pakistan. Born in Christian families, we were very involved in our church’s youth ministry and choir. In Pakistan it was our routine to participate in every church activity, because we know how difficult it is for us to live without God. When we moved to the US in December 2019, we were worried about our Christian life. When you move to a place where you do not know anyone it’s scary. But we prayed a lot for ourselves and especially for our daughter, Joy.

In Pakistan we had an idea that people in America are far away from God and if you go to church you will only see old people, because the young generation do not come to church.
But when we came here and met Pastor Chris we felt that we had known each other for many years. He is our spiritual father, always helpful, and loves us as Christ loves us. So when pastor Chris told us about OVF, we were very excited. We thought, “Wow! How amazing it will be to pray in our own language in a place where other people will also listen to us pray and sing in our language.”

We really feel proud and thankful to God that we are a part of OVF. There is no distinction based on where you are from. People listen to our testimony, about how hard life is to be a Christian in Pakistan. So it feels that we are all the same here. As the Bible said, we should love each other as God loves us!

Introducing Yaovi & Patricia

Yaovi & Patricia lead our French-speaking team.

Yaovi and Patricia are part of the One Voice launch team, leading our French-language ministry and small group.

When we first heard about One Voice Fellowship, my wife Patricia and I immediately agreed that God wanted us to be a part of this new church. God, the great Artist, made each of us in His own image. To Him, people of every language and culture pray, “Our Father.” (Matthew 6:9-13). In Christ, all nations are blessed through the promise made to Abraham (Genesis 22:18). Who are we to question God’s wisdom by saying one culture is better than another? Instead, we celebrate His divine wisdom when we welcome one another as God has welcomed us (Romans 15:7). This is why we want to be a part of One Voice—to welcome others as Christ has welcomed us.

In this welcoming spirit, there is no longer a distinction of race, gender, language, or economic status. Instead, we can live in harmony. Our differences allow us to help and sharpen one another as a family united in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).

I tasted the sweetness of this welcome when I first came to this country. My brothers and sisters in Christ have been for me the hands and feet of Jesus. They have shared their homes with me, their possessions, and literally clothed me (Acts 4:32; Matthew 25:36). In their love, God’s Word became tangible and sweeter than honey (Psalm 119:103).

More importantly, Pastor Chris shaped my understanding of true Christianity. He taught me to love unconditionally. His ministry and sacrificial heart have transformed my understanding of how to be a good husband, a father, and to love my neighbors unconditionally.

Dorothy Day describes the kind of community we are building here: “Living together, working together, sharing, loving God and loving our brother, and living close to him in the community so we can show our love for Him.”

In my home country, pastors are like small gods. They take advantage of their authority. But Pastor Chris has the humility to say, “I am sorry” when he is wrong. Thank you for this.

In heaven, we will see a great multitude that no one can count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne to worship God (Revelation 7:9). We surely can’t wait for that day! But today, we can get a taste of this at One Voice Fellowship. We are excited to serve in a community of believers from all corners of the world, working together to bring the good news to all our neighbors so that, together we may with one voice glorify Our Father (Romans 15:6). We hope you will join us in this ministry!